Hot girl spotted drinking Toddy at a village

SanjanaIf you can remember Kannada beauty Sanjana, you would recollect few of her roles that she did in “Bujjigaadu” etc. Though she acted in a few films in Telugu, Sanjana couldn’t make it to the big league of heroines. She tried her hand in Tamil films, but she had to face hard luck there too. And at present, she is trying to get busy in her own Kannada film industry.

But as per the latest buzz in Tollywood, it is learnt that Sanjana is doing an item girl role in a Telugu flick. On the flip side, a picture of Sanjana where she is spotted consuming Toddy doing rounds on internet. Sanjana was seen having Toddy in a traditional method ,where usually villagers drink that in specially made bowl with Toddy tree leaves. Sanjana calls it as Andhrapradesh Juice.

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