Hot girl turned traveler now

images-175034Not many girls get that attention,despite of doing many sexy photo shoots day in and day out. But here is one buxom beauty with pouted lips and sexy looks,who grabs everyone’s attention with her every photo-shoot she does on any random day. She is none other than Nargis Fakri,one of the most wanted heroines of Bollywood at present.
Nargis has been sizzling on many magazine covers since a long time now. She recently appeared on a travelers magazine ,which is not less than any other regular filmy magazines mind you.  Be it her lingerie’s photo shoot or her bikini captures, Nargis shows of her best to heat up the surroundings.
Nargis posed for a Traveler magazine in hot small bikini top and a black tight bottom flaunting her toned long legs. By the way, she is on top of India’s most Glamorous travelers! What do you say folks?

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