Hot girl’s mother demanding 2 crores ?

Hansika and her mom Dr Mona MotwaniChubby girl Hansika Motwani’s mother Mona Motwani is said to be having creating terror in producers minds by demanding huge remuneration for her daughter Hansika it seems. Mona, who looks after Hansika’s dates, apparently demanding whopping Rs 2 Crore as part of her remuneration for her next Tamil film. Presently, Hansika is reportedly charging Rs 1.5 Crore for films Ambala (opposite Vishal) and Garuda (opposite Vijay).

Very recently itself, Hansika has actually hiked her pay from 1 cr to 1.5 Cr. after the tremendous hit of “Aaranmanai”. And now it has gone up to 2 Crores it seems. And now that seriously bothers many film makers who fear that what if Hansika gets two or three more super hits. What could be her remuneration be then? Well, they have a point right? Well, wait on. This story has not ended yet. As per the buzz in Kollywood, it is learnt that besides the remuneration, Hansika’s mother Mona is apparently putting several conditions it seems.

In her recent film, the makers have shot an advertisement within the film and for this, the producer said to have received Rs 25 Lakh from that company. Knowing this, Hansika’s mother reportedly asked for half of the payment for Hansika. With no other option, producer said to have agreed for this demand as well besides paying a huge pay cheque for the actress for acting in the film. With the manner in which Hansika’s mother allegedly squeezing producers, producers are grumbling over it. And what’s more bothering everyone is, being a fine and professional actress, Hansika is keeping quite and not reacting on these issues. So sad.

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