Hot heroine’s sky diving from 13000 ft

Rai LakshmiWe get to see beautiful girls shedding their glamour but we never know the other side of those glamour queens isn’t it? But if we try to dig in a bit, one would wonder to know the tastes of them. Exactly with such stunning act, glamour doll Lakshmi Rai has surprised everyone. She recently played sky diving in Dubai and says that she was excited very much by jumping from such heights. Read her excitement in her own words.

“It was the scariest and the most exhilarating experience for me. Jumping off the plane from 13,000-ft makes one feel the world is in one’s control. I love adventure challenges, and sky diving tops the list. Trust me, it’s one of the best feelings ever,”

Rai lakshmi is currently starring under Raghava Lawrence direction in Tamil. She is also listening to few stories of budding directors. Well on the flip side, recently character artiste of Tollywood Hema and singer Sri Krishna have also had this sky diving experience .

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