Hot sisters tattoos became talk of the town

Shruthi-AksharaUniversal hero Kamal Hasan’s two lovely daughters Shrthi Hasan and Akshara Hasan are already proving their mettle in acting , And of course either Shruthi or Akshara is hesitant to shed the glamour to any extent. Both these hottest sisters always try to grab the attention of everyone by flaunting their sexy cleavages. And here they offer us a special treat of their tattoos.

Shruti features a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder, it’s the words Shruti written in Tamil. Her sister Akshara is also inked at similar place, back of right shoulder, but the tattoo is different. She sports a pigeon that’s ambassador of peace.

We have seen many heroines like Trisha, Nayanatara, Deepika etc earlier to express their love towards their partner. But Shruti and Akshara are different. Who have inked tattoos only to double their sex appeal.

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