Hottest anchor Rashmi deceived by Director

Rashmi Gautam Antham Movie Stills,Rashmi Gautam Antham Movie Wallpapers,Rashmi Gautam Antham Movie,Rashmi Gautam Antham ,Rashmi GautamJabardash hottest anchor and actress Rashmi Gautham new movie ‘Antham’ released today . However,Seductive lass has been upset with the director for a valid reason. She said she wouldn’t care the movie anymore as the director had deceived her with misleading promotional content of the film.
“When the debutant director asked me complete the film seven days, I accepted the film since I wished the new director to be encouraged. After the shoot was over, the conflict began. They didn’t even invite for the first look release,” says Rashmi to a leading English daily.
The actress expressed her concern over misleading the audience with a provocative song shot on her. ‘What’s been shown in the trailers is not even a part of the film,” she adds. The hot actress was afraid if the audience would disappoint after watching the film.

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