Hrithik last battle to Akshay kumar

490085-mohenjo-rustomHrithik last battle to Akshy kumarSad news for all the Hrithik Roshan’s fans out there! Hrithik Roshan starrer Mohenjo Daro, which released last Friday (August 12, 2016) did rather an average job on the Indian box-office as compared to Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, which released on the same day! According to trade pundits Mohenjo Daro is not going as good as Rustom. Film distributor Rajesh Thadani told, “Rustom is leading… It is performing better than Mohenjo Daro. Mohenjo Daro did not seem to be appealing to the audience, while there was curiosity and hype around ‘Rustom’,” According to Thandani the opening day figures of Mohenjo Daro it will be around Rs seven-eight crore. “There is a holiday period ahead and it seems both the films will benefit from it. I think over the weekend ‘Rustom’ should do Rs 40 crore and ‘Mohenjo Daro’ will do Rs 20-25 crore,” he added.

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