Hrithik Roshan’s latest statement on his controversy with Kangana Ranaut

It all started in January 2016, when Kangana Ranaut termed Hrithik Roshan as her ‘silly ex,’ which didn’t entirely go well with the Krrish actor. Since then, there have been constant accusations, against each other, which is a never-ending controversy.

Hrithik has issued an official statement on his social media forum about this issue. His post read, “I am writing this in response to the several interviews requests that I am getting from various media houses. I have given two. Due to the media dynamics of our times, there is a justified pressure on me to give more.

Print. Digital. Various other languages. Platforms that will give me much much wider reach. I would apologize to those who have made these well-meaning requests and would humbly say that I don’t wish to speak on this issue. I have had to give out my side of truth, under some very compelling circumstances.

In the interest of civility and human dignity, we should not make a spectacle of this issue. Media is an integral part of our civil society, and they would know that continued discourse on this issue is gaining toxic dimensions.

I am no one to suggest what media should cover or not but if this under investigation case is factually covered through the developments of police investigation and courts, that would be a breather for a lot of us.

I am extremely thankful to people who have supported me in this painfully unfortunate episode. But my request to all friends and observers would be to stop taking sides in this issue. This is an unfortunate issue and not a contest of sorts. Before this is dangerously hijacked into a man vs. woman, insider vs. outsider, privileged vs. non privileged issue, we must stop. Please don’t support me. Don’t take sides.

I am by no means seeking to close this issue. The only thing I am suggesting is to let the investigations be the only spokesperson in this issue henceforth.”

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