Huge Embarrassment for Mahesh Babu!

BrahmotsavamBrahmotsavam released this Friday y all over world . The film has made a staggering total in terms of selling the rights in various locations. The movie has started off with divided talk at the Box-office in Telugu states.  The film is especially weak in Ceded where it is being written off as a failure already. Brahmotsavam in Nizam is going good with Hyderabad performing well. Brahmotsavam did `around` 27 Cr SHARE in WW Weekend going by early estimates. The figures could vary and actuals will be tabled soon.
The film is set to end as the Biggest Loss Making film ever in Overseas Business History having been sold for 13.2 cr Excluding P&P. It is a huge embarrassment for Mahesh who is considered as Overseas king and has been able to pull Disastrous Domestic earners to Overseas break-even status before.

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