Huge multistarrer on cards !

memusaitam‘Memusaitha’ is the grand event which is scheduled to be organized on 30th November, is making everyone talk about this everywhere. This “Memusaitham” is an even that is meant for Hudhud cyclone victims of Uttarandhra region. Almost all the big shots from South India are going to attend this grand event. 15 Crores is stated to be the target through this event and now few people are coming up with a new approach of raising another 15 Crores.

As per the talk, few people are feeling like casting all the heroes and the heroines in one flick. In just 2 -3 days, a flick can get completed with a simple story on all the heroes and heroines. This flick may further raised 15 Crores and this too can be added to the hudhud relief fund.

This is now the hot topic in the film circuit and if some director comes up with such story, actors may donate 2 -3 days of their precious time to donate more money to the cause. Now, this huge multi-starrer news is a hot topic in the town.

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