Hyderabad girl went on a devotional tour

Poonam KaurDespite of many appearances in many films down South, the Hyderabadi girl Poonam Kaur could never become a busiest artiste. With not much work on films front and nothing to do in fashion industry, heroine Poonam Kaur, the sizzling Hyderabadi girl, is on a devotional tour now. At the moment she is visiting some shrines, monasteries and other devotional places in North India. She is on this tour to get peace of mind, say her friends.

Poonam started her career as heroine Krishna Reddy’s Maayajaalam long back. Later she turned to heroine’s friend roles and then hero’s sister roles. But they too failed her big time. Though she has some considerable appeal in Tamil films, somehow Poona failed to strike the chord. Meanwhile her pictures from the tour are now talk of town as she is busy sharing them.

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