Hyderabad is my favorite says Pawan’s Ex

cace2653eac7f871ade406e6d9113e1d_mPowerstar Pawan Kalayan’s ex wife seems to have not lost her love towards the city she resided over a decade or so. And that is none other Hyderabad. The other day while talking to the media, Renu Desai shared her relation with Hyderabad city. Read it in her own words.

“Noting could beat Hyderabad when it comes to food. I particularly like Slim Idly in Chutneys and used to order for it whenever i was in the city. I also fell in love with Hyderabad’s Irani Chai.”said Renu.

Renu Desai feels Hyderabad has changed a lot over the years. She mentions about the Outer Ring Road which solved the traffic issues to a great extent.

Not many knew, Renu Desai herself edited ‘Ye Mera Jaha’ song in ‘Kushi’ and her name was included in the list of Assistant Directors in movie titles as well. She even assisted her soulmate Pawan for the movie ‘Johnny’ apart from playing the female lead.

‘Ishq Wala Love’ Telugu Dub will release in November this year. Renu Desai is hopeful of scoring success with her directorial debut!

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