I am a big fan of Rajamouli: Shanker

Shankar 'I' Telugu  Audio launch (14)Great people will be down to earth in nature and will be very humble. If you disagree with this, just look at Shanker ,who can prove you wrong. One of the most talented directors of Indian cinema, Shanker has won many hearts the other day at the audio launch of Telugu ” I ” by praising Rajamouli to the core. Being so humble, Shanker has truly expressed his admiration towards Tollywood ace director SS Rajamouli.

Shanker speaking about Rajamouli, “I’ve become Rajamouli’s fan ever since I watched Magadheera. It was well made. I’ve become great fan of him after watching his Eega. I’m eagerly waiting for his next flick “Baahubali.”

Earlier it was Rajamouli, who praised Shanker to the hilt. “When I was working as an assistant director in Chennai, Gentleman was just released and the Mukala…Mukabula song was a rage. Like many others, I too didn’t understand how the song was shot as Prabhudeva’s face, wrists and legs were not seen in the song. We were a team of assistant directors and we had debated, discussed on the song for months.”

Rajamouli continued his words saying “Even now when I’m successful director, it’s dejav feeling. Soon after the release of trailer and teaser of I, I tried to understand frame by frame on how Shankar shot the film. He is always ahead. I’m eagerly waiting to watch I,”

How awesome that was to watch two top directors from South showing affection on each other?

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