I Am A Lover Of Women says Young Hero

downloadRanveer Singh recently said at a promotional event that he finds women far superior than men and he is a lover of women.
He told PTI, “Women are all heart. They are sensitive and far superior then men. I am a lover of women. I am truly
fascinated and infatuated by the fairer sex. I have had Indian and French girlfriends and I have had some great memories
with them.
Ranveer unveiled the trailer Of Befikre at the Eiffel Tower. Sharing his memories of his previous Paris visit, the 31-
year-old star revealed he once holidayed in the city of romance with his Parisian girlfriend. “I had come to Paris with a
girlfriend of mine. I have also had a Parisian girlfriend. She was a beautiful Moroccan girl. I have tremendous amount of
memorable experiences with the people I met here.”

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