I am A Tamilian-Nayanthara

Actress Nayanthara has issued a statement in support of Jallikattu. She considers herself as a Tamilian even she was not born here. Check out her complete statement below:

“The power of youth is proven again. What Tamil Nadu has been witnessing for the past few days in support of Jallikattu is an unprecedented history. It indeed makes me proud to be a part of this state. As the youngsters fight out the various law enforcing agencies in the most passive manner I support the cause of the people of Tamil Nadu who support Jallikattu.

If not by birth, at least by the force of emotion and pride I am a Tamilian. This state has been giving me the stature and pride and at this time of emotional juncture I stand one among them to raise my voice against the foreign bodies, and also against the law enforcing agencies which were misinformed about the whole concept of Jallikattu.

The emotional enthusiasm displayed by the supporters will go a long way in showing the rich culture of Tamil Nadu in limelight all over the country. As a common citizen, my heart goes with these youngsters who brave the natural and unnatural circumstances to achieve their feat. I wish these efforts bring back “Jallikattu” the cultural identity of Tamil Nadu without any further hindrance. Let the slogan “we want Jallikattu” be heard all through the country.”

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