I am living someone else life:Pawan

I am living someone else life:Pawan, Pawan kalyan Interview about his Sardaar Gabbar singh, Sardaar gabbar singh movie interview stills, pawan kalyan third wife, Pawan kalyan latest newsPawan Kalyan, so far has not spoken about his marriages. The other day in interview with TV channels, he opened up about his third wife Anna Lezhneva.
He says, ‘Being a Translator, Anna Lezhneva is trying her best to learn Telugu. She speaks Telugu whenever she is at home. My House is like a blend of several languages. While my elder daughter Aadya understands only Marathi, My younger daughter speaks only English. Some times, I feel I’m living someone else life’. Anna Lezhneva is a Christian by birth. Hence, Pawan Kalyan preferred a Christian name for his daughter and allows her to follow the practices of that religion.

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