I am not a good dancer : Pawan Kalyan

Not many stars of that stature can be so humble and self criticizing like one and only Power star Pawan Kalyan is,say his fans. Though Pawan is so shy to speak in public, he speaks his hearts out when he has to. We have witnessed many instances so far that reflects his humbleness and down to earth nature. In his latest candid interview to  an entertainment channel, Pawan exposed himself to public of his other side. Let us see what it is.
Pawan Kalyan has finally decided to speak on the allegations of,people calling him as moody, intentionally delays shooting etc. Speaking on all those,

“Yes many call me moody because they ask me to shoot for songs towards the end of the film. They take me to places like Switzerland and zeroes in on a dance master to choreograph moves. I just watch him but can’t dance as it makes me feel odd, bizarre. Adding to this, onlookers on the road stare at me. If you keep it near roads, I’ll run away.”

Continuing his thoughts , Pawan Kalyan said “I can’t dance like other heroes. It doesn’t come from inside my body. I’m not as talented as other heroes. So, if you take me to a deserted place, I’d try to dance as it’s must for film. For that as well, I need to make up my mind in advance. Also at times few songs appear out of context which disconnect me. Had they shot connecting songs, I’d love to do,” added Kalyan. To everybody’s surprise, Kalyan admitted that  he doesn’t even consider him as hero. What’s your take on PK’s words folks?

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