I am Not Worried About Bigg Boss Case

Kamal Discharged.. ,Kamal Hassan,KamalHindu Makkal Katchi filed a case against Kamal Haasan, and his reality show Bigg Boss, for which he has called up for a press meet. Here is what he had to say about the case and the show.

He said, “All types of fans are very important for me. People who celebrated me while taking Vishwaroopam are opposing me now. So, I am not worried about the case against Bigg Boss or me. I have belief in our law and our judiciary system and in our Government. I don’t have to answer to the people who have filed the case. I can’t accept the fact that the show is killing our culture and tradition. The show has been happening for the past eleven years in Bollywood. Bigg Boss is as necessary as, how cricket is necessary for the country. I am grateful to the people, who have belief and faith in me.”

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