” I ” don’t know what to say : Kona Venkat

9469-Kona-VenkatThat itself show what this ace writer had to say about Shanker’s magnum opus ” I ” which opened to a flop talk in Andhrapradesh and Telangana regions. As soon as the movie released, many top film celebrities rushed to the nearest theatres to watch what wonder Shanker has created in ” I “,but everyone returned back with huge disappointment. Many of them tweeted so in twitter too. And now,here comes the star writer Kona Venkat with a candid tweet that goes like this. ‘ ‘I’ don’t know what to say!!’

And this has certainly caught everybody’s attention, as they all wanted to know what’s Kona’s take on the movie in detail. But he didn’t comment anything else about the movie. Those who read this tweet appreciate Venkat’s diplomatic criticism and more than criticizing it sounds more like he is disappointed with ‘I’ after having huge expectations. Well, that seems to be the case right now not just with Venkat but also the audience. ‘I’ for sure has left a swollen heart for the cine buffs.

It would be interesting to see the reaction of Shanker for the response of the audience after watching his ” I “.

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