I don’t look into my tenant’s bedroom

Priyanka-Chopra-Latest-Hot-Photo-Shoot-Stills-03One must be surprising to know who must have said so, as not many would make such sharp comments unless and until some is very much irked by stupid questions of the people around. Well, Bollywood sexy girl Priyanka Chopras has got a similar experience, where she almost fired at media persons the other day.

Heroine Priyanka Chopra finally reacted about the sex racket that was busted in her own flat in Mumbai.Few days before a sex racket was busted in priyanka’s apartment in Mumbai and many started criticizing the lady for renting the house for brokers.

Ever since this issue came up in the media, few reporters have been literally poking at Priyanka wherever she appears , to see her reaction on it. ‘’ I had no knowledge about what is happening in my apartment. When we rent properties we don’t go and check what is happening in their bedrooms’’Siad the angered actress

Guess that was more than enough for media … isn’t it?

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