I don’t want to go back to Mumbai : Charmee

Charmi-Kaur1188Can anyone guess, what could be the reason behind those words said by buxom beauty Charmee? Being a Punjabi, Charmee speaks Telugu so fluently that no one gets any doubt that Telugu is not her mother tongue. That is how she is now attached to Hyderabad over the years. But Charmi hails from Mumbai, but the love towards movies made her step in Hyderabad. After so many years of bongding with this place, Charmi now claims herself to be a Hyderabadi girl.

“I’m a Hyderabadi. During the making of Nagarjuna’s Mass, I’ve purchased a flat in Manikonda and settled down here. Though I came from Mumbai, I’ve no plans of getting back there”, said Charmi. Sharing her thoughts about her next movie “Jyothi Lakshmi”, she added that the film has nothing to do with her life experiences. That’s the story folks.

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