I forgot when what was my 1000th film : Brahmanandam

Comedy-Actor-BrahmanandamHe is the person who doesn’t need any introduction out side and any dialogues on screen . But he still makes people laugh like anything. Yes , he is none other one and only comedy king Brahmanandam. This Tollywood’s most wanted comedian is working hard even at the age of 60 nearly and stands on top of all the busiest comedians. He is the only Telugu actor to surpass the magical figure of 1000 films with Errabassu , directed by Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao.

Due to his hectic schedules and number of films he has been working at a time, it is quite natural to any artiste to keep a track record of their work. The same thing happened in Brahmi’s case too. Talking about the same, Brahmi said that he stopped keeping track of his films when he did his 997th film itself. Brahmanandam turns 59 on 1st of February and lets wish he continues with the same pace forever.

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