‘ I ‘ is the last Indian flick to be shot on film

Vikram's I Latest Stills (5)Till a couple of years back, most of the film makers used to shot their movies on film, which is a bit costly affair compared to other technologies. And now as the technology is growing too faster, now a days almost all of them are relying on digital film making, which not only saves lot of bucks but also makes the work easier. As per the words of one of the top most cameramen of Indian film Industry, PC Sriram , ‘ I ‘ is the last Indian film to be made on film. Read it in his own words.
“Maverick director Shankar’s latest high budget visual extravaganza ‘I’ will be the last major Indian film to be shot on the 35 mm celluloid format. This indeed an emotional moment for me being a cinematographer who has lived on making films on film format for the past thirty years almost.” Speaking at the film’s Hindi audio launch in Mumbai, the film’s cinematographer PC Sreeram himself revealed this fact.

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