I look beautiful without makeup

kajal_agarwal_south_actress-1920x1080Apart from cinema, actresses will have makeup even when they come to any functions. Because of this, they have an exclusive makeup man with them. Makeup man has to accompany the actresses wherever they go.

Only when are in rest in their houses, they don’t apply makeup. Without makeup the actresses will look like any other ordinary girl. Kajal Aggarwal has mentioned that she will look beautiful even without the makeup.

She while speaking said, ” It is the habit of the actresses to have makeup all the time. People who meet me say that I look beautiful without the makeup. This gives me happiness. In the nights, I have the habit of shopping. So far I have not had any problems with my fans but some actresses have faced lots of problems. i will not hurt anyone’s feelings at the shooting spots. After the shooting I will move very casually with my co-workers.”

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