I lost Virginity at the age of 26 years!

I lost Virginity at the age of 26 yearsKaran Johar revealed that he lost his virginity at 26, post his Kuch Kuch Hota Hain fame, in a frank column for NDTV. He also wrote about his insecurity and inferiority complex, which were later overpowered by fame.’By the time I lost my virginity, I was 26 and that was after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I felt mildly famous,’ KJo wrote, referring to his blockbuster directorial debut film.
The Dharma Production head even said that he had issues with himself like, ‘I wasn’t happy with my body, wasn’t entirely comfortable in my own skin. And by the time I gained confidence, too much time had passed.’
Karan added that this fame came with immense hard work of ‘getting there from the fat kid I was — ashamed of his body, ashamed of who he was, largely sexually ignorant and convinced he wasn’t attractive to anyone. Which is probably why the first time I had sex, all I could say was “thank you”! I felt gratitude not sexiness — thank you for ticking one very belatedly off the bucket list.’

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