I love Pawan Kalyan : Sonia Agarwal

Sonia Agarwal Latest Stills (18)She is cool,she is hot, she is pretty , she is tough, she is independent ,she is known as 7/G girl,…Yes, she is none other than Sonia Agarwal. With her very debut movie in Telugu,
 “7/G Brindavan Colony”, Sonia made youth run after her in admiration. Everyone thought that she would rule Tollywood ,but her fate decided the other way and was not seen in any Telugu film post “7/G Brindavan Colony “release. Here she comes up with another film called “Amma Nanna Oorelithe” with the tag line of Racha Rache.
TFPC caught her for  a small conversation at “Amma Nanna Oorelithe” movie press meet today. Sonia shared her experiences and also about her future projects. Read it in her own words.
– Hello Sonia… its so good to see you in a Telugu film after so many years..welcome back to Tollywood.
Hello…thank you so much. I always would like to work for Telugu movies. I got a pleasant response here earlier,and now also got a warm welcome in Hyderabad when i was landed.
Could you please share your experiences on working for “Amma Nanna Oorelithe”.
Well its a youthful entertainer with a small message in it. I played a guest role in the film . I am  completely satisfied by the way my character in the film has shaped up. Hope this would give me a good break in Tollywood.
– Do you have any other offers in Tollywood right now, apart from “Amma Nanna Oorelithe”?
Well i have recently finished a movie ,which is yet to be titled. That is being directed by a debutante director Prabhakaran. And movie is a suspense thriller. Its a kind of anthology movie, where six stories come together at the end. I Shall share more details of the film soon.
-Do you have any wish list of actors ,whom you would like to work with?
Haha…i don’t have any wish list as such, but yeah…i love Pawan Kalyan a lot. And i would like to work with him if given a chance. I became his hardcore fan since i watched one of his blockbuster movies “Khushi”. It would be a dream come true to me ,if i could get that golden opportunity to work with Pawan Kalyan.
-Did you ever try your hand to get into Bollywood?
Frankly speaking, i never tried but i am interested to get into that big league in Bollywood. I have always been busy with my films in Kollywood only so far. As it was going well for me in Tamil Film Industry, i actually shifted my abode from Mumbai to Chennai. But i am ready to check my luck in Bollywood ,if i get a chance .Who would not in fact?
-What are your current projects in Kollywood?
Right now i am doing a movie called “Palakkad Madhavan” with Uday. That is a comedy film with enough family drama. I am not that good at comedy though,i still managed to pull it off . Wishing that film would make me so busy in Kollywood again. Fingers crossed.
-How come you are not seen in any other Telugu movie after having a huge hit like “7/G Brindavan colony” to your credits? What happened actually?
Yeah i do agree that “7/G “was a very good take off for me in Tollywood. I actually did get a few offers from few directors ,one of which was with NTR . And i don’t know for which film i was approached. Some how things didn’t materialize then, as i had some prior commitments in Tamil. Later no one approached me for any Telugu film, and i was busy with my Tamil films.
– Are you interested in to do special songs? 
Certainly not. I haven’t done anything as such before, and won’t be doing hence forth. In fact i never intended to commit for any special songs or item songs whatever. I still believe that i am a heroine material and would like to remain the same. To the matter of point, any strong special appearance roles or supporting roles that suits my age and personality, i would consider. But strictly no special songs.
-We heard that you have done a TV serial recently,could you share some details of that?
Yes i did a Tamil serial named “Malli”. That was an amazing experience for me. Acting in movies is entirely different from serials. As we have lot of breaks during the shoot for films,so that we can rest in our caravans and prepare leisurely for the next shot. When it comes to serials, its a different story altogether. We don’t have much time for anything. We need to rush through the shoot,shot after shot and scene after scene. And we get to learn many things about camera,and have lot of scope to act. Luckily i got a very good team for “Malli” and have some beautiful memories to cherish for a long time.
-You have gone through some rough patches of your life some time ago. How did you manage to overcome it. Who have supported you then?
Yes, i did go through some really bad phased of my professional as well as personal life. Obviously my family and few of my closest friends stood behind me and supported me all the way through that pain. And i read some inspirational quotes like one liners and two liners. I have a quote tattooed on my left knee which goes this way” Sometimes you fall, you fly”. I keep inspiring myself by reading such quotes.  Thanks to my maturity that i have towards life.
-Are you fond of tattoos ?
Hahaha kind of i say. I have two more tattoos too. A symbol of “OM”One on my right hand wrist and another is “Om Sai Ram” under my wrist. I am a big devotee of Shiridi Sai Baba.
-Any message to Telugu audience?
I always love Telugu audience. I love to be in Hyderabad for shoots. I simply love the way i got warm receiving that i got here by this lovely Telugu audience after 7/G,which is still lasting. I thank one and all for the love they have showered on me so far.
-We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors Sonia.
Thank you so much.

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