I My Self Got Scared By Him Says Spyder Child Actor

Child actor Sanjay, who played the younger version of SJ Suryah in the recently released Mahesh Babu film Spyder, has been getting a good response for his performance in the flashback portion. His portrayal of the younger SJ Suryah, who plays a sadistic killer in the film, requires a lot of effort for the expressions and it was said to be quite scary to conceive such a performance from a kid. However, child actor Sanjay confesses about what made him scared:

“I was not scared of watching myself in such negative shades on screen. But on seeing SJ Suryah sir’s performance, I myself got scared and freaked out even though he played only the older version of my character.AR Murugadoss is a fantastic actor apart from the director that he is. He demonstrated how to act out every scene and most of my expressions are derived from what he taught me. It is so pleasing to know that I was given such an important role in a big film like Spyder.”

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