I never undergone any surgery:Kajal

kajal_agarwal_south_actress-1920x1080We have seen many film personalities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries to look better on screen. The likes of Sridevi have inspired many young heroines to undergo cosmetic surgeries for perfect shapes of their bodies and their body parts as well. There are numerous Bollywood heroines who have undergone nose jobs, lip jobs and other jobs!

There are few heroes who have made ‘corrections’ to their face and physique through medical aid. However Kajal Agarwal, one of the natural beauties in Indian Cinema said she is totally against surgeries. Kajal does not believe in artificial cosmetic methods and surgeries. She said she wants to age naturally and gracefully.

Kajal received so many negative comments from her fans for gaining weight these days. She never tried to get rid of the extra flab through liposuction or other surgeries. She has hit the gym and shed down all those extra kilos and is back in shape. And those hots shapes of her can be seen in her latest flick with NTR’ “Temper”. This hardwork by Kajal should inspire many glamour queens who ever prefers easiest and quickest methods of losing weight.

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