I prayed for success for the first time : PK

Pawan Kalyan photos jpg (25)For any actor there comes a bad phase where one has to struggle a lot for a success. And Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is also not any exception for that, as he also had to struggle a lot to find a success before “Gabbarsingh”. We all know that Pawan Kalyan’s career was in danger . Yesterday at “Gopala Gopala: audio event, Pawan was talking about those tough days he has seen post “Khushi”.
“I know that I am going to fail for many years. But I cannot do anything about it. I was helpless. I could have asked the help of God, but never felt the need of it,” he said.

“But while I was leaving the venue after attending the audio launch of Nitin’s Ishq, my car was stopped by few fans. They were very emotional and said that they are not able to face anybody due to my failures. They asked to give one hit to make them happy. One person said he would narrate a story if you don’t find one. I was shocked by their love and affection. I prayed to the God to give me one hit to make all my fans happy.”

Pawan Kalyan thanked God for giving two back to back block busters in the form of “Gabbarsingh” and “Attharintiki Daaredi” though he asked for one hit. With his emotional speech that sustained about 20 minutes, Pawan Kalyan has moved everyone.

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