I prefer to stay at home than going there

nayanthara-latest-photos-in-churidar-18Film stars opening Malls,stores etc is a common practice these days. They usually make some decent money with such additional works other than acting. So, every star who is in limelight ,especially heroines show interest in such private programs. But hot star Nayanatara thinking the other way. She stopped endorsing all the brands and preferring to stay back at home only. Let’s see why?

When quizzed what’s the reason, Nayan says, “When we go for a shop opening, Management begins pooja ceremony after our entry. Later, They ask us to try 4-5 sarees and we have to pose for the cameras for allowing them to set up large hoardings of ours at main centers to promote the brand. The presence of celebrity draws huge crowds and this leads to tensions. Better to relax at home rather than feeling tension by attending such events”.

She has a point ,don’t she?

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