“I” Telugu distribution rights fetch high rates

Vikram-Shankar’s-filmDirector Shankar and Hero Vikram’s combination film “I” is gearing up for a worldwide release on 9th Jan in five languages. The Telugu version has picked up pace at the distributors end. Kirshna district rights were sold at 2.25 Crore, Vizag and Guntur distribution rights for 4 cr and 3.6 cr respectively and the East Godavari rights were sold for 4 crores.

Many people in the industry are banking upon this movie and are expecting good returns. After the release of theatrical trailer, even more curiosity has piqued in the audience about this movie. And with Shankar being the director, majority consider this a success at the box office. Lets wait till 9th Jan to cross check the reality of our speculations.

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