I want to direct Sridevi in RGV production

zAny guesses who could have made this statement? He is none other than veteran director K. Raghavendra Rao himself expressed his wish to direct Sridevi again ,provide Ram Gopal Varma comes forward with a good script and takes up the production responsibility. As we all know that KRR is hosting a talk show named ” Soundaryalahari” ,where all the celebrities from Tollywood come and share their experiences with him. Recently, the show had Sridevi and RGV as the guests. And there had a funny conversation between KRR and RGV. Here it goes…have a read.

Yesteryear heroine-diva Sridevi has unfulfilled dream. Sridevi, who was part of a recent talk show on TV, expressed about her unfulfilled dream. Director K. Raghavendra Rao has directed Sridevi in over 15 Telugu films and 9 Hindi films so far. Sridevi says that no that actress and director together worked for so many movies in India so far and wanted to do another film to complete “Silve Jubilee” which would set a new record. Simply put, Sridevi expressed her wish to work with K. Raghavendra Rao for another film. But when asked about what kind of story she is looking at, Sridevi simply passed the buck and said, “I think Raghavendra Rao garu knows much butter than me. I’m okay to do any kinda film with him. I’m ready if he is ready.”

Interestingly, Raghavendra Rao said he’s ready but his bone of contention is film’s story. Raghavendra Rao sharply said, “If Ram Gopal Varma comes up with good story and he himself produces the film, I’d like to direct the film on Sridevi. Since Varma is good fan of Sridevi, he would be well aware of how he would like to see Sridevi.”

RGV, as usual, snapped back, “If I produce the film and if I hang around on the sets, I can’t be calm and would ask you to change camera angles the way I wanted. Definitely, within no time, you (Raghavendra Rao) would tell someone to throw me out of sets.” This is the quite interesting conversation between the veteran trio – K. Raghavendra Rao, Ram Gopal Varma and Sridevi.

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