I Was Never Engaged Says Nikhil

A couple of weeks ago, reports of actor Nikhil’s engagement to a Hyderabad girl ‘Tejaswi’ became the talk of T-town. And in a sudden twist to the tale, it was said that his marriage has now been ‘called off’ as the ‘jatakalu’ (horoscopes) of Nikhil and the girl did not match. Considering all the brouhaha around him. When media reached out to Nikhil to hear it from the horse’s mouth. And this is what he had to say — “First of all, I was never engaged. There was no December wedding planned, so where’s the question of it being called off?”

Apparently, the actor’s mother has been on the look out for a suitable bride. “She has been looking for the perfect girl and it’s common for parents to meet families of eligible girls. I think this is how rumors of my engagement and wedding came about. it’s sad when people randomly pick names of girls and publish it without even verifying, ” reveals Nikhil.

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