I Will Be A Good Wife, I Won’t Torture You:Amala Paul

Actress Amala Paul New Photos,Actress Amala Paul New Pics,Actress Amala Paul Stills,Actress Amala PaulAt the audio and trailer launch of VIP 2, Amala Paul took the opportunity to thank Dhanush for including her in the second part as well. The front row of the audience was filled with esteemed grandees, and she was looking to express her gratitude to Dhanush and Soundarya Rajinikanth, as she was also fangirling on Kajol’s presence in the film.

”Thank you Dhanush sir, for not killing me off and for including me in the second part as well”, said Amala, for which Dhanush jokingly replied, ”We’ll see in the third part”. Amala, filled with laughter, immediately said, ”No please don’t, I promise I will be a good wife, I won’t torture you”.

Amala Paul played Dhanush’s love interest/girlfriend in the blockbuster first installment of VIP and in the sequel, she plays his wife.

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