I will not cross the limits:Sruthi Hassan

shruthi-hassan2Shruthi Haasan has mentioned that how she is keeping her physique trim. She while speaking said, “I don’t have any restrictions in eating. I will eat whatever I like. I like ghee very much. I like to eat the potato fried in ghee.

Similarly I like masala curry and sambar. In my younger days, I use to eat all my favourite food. I use to skip the breakfast. Later on I understood that breakfast is important and if you have a full breakfast, the whole day will be energetic.

Some don’t have breakfast and there are many who skip their breakfast and lunch. This will spoil their health. Though I have no restrictions, I exercise daily and keep my physique trim. I don’t go to the gym to do heavy exercise. I do simple exercises. I dance for 45 minutes for 4 days in a week. I always love freedom without any restrictions but at the same time I will not cross the limits.”

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