I will run naked for Sardar Movie?

I will run  naked for Sardar Movie?, Kamal R Khan New movies, Kamal R Khan Latest News, RGV & Kamal R KhanRam Gopal Verma and Kamal R Khan are common in contraversial statements? The both taking a dig at Pawan Kalyan. Ahead of the release of the much-awaited Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Ram Gopal Verma took to Twitter to take a dig at Pawan. He tweeted, “Compared to 1.5 kilometre long line for Bahubali on 1st day outside Prasad I max..very curious how many kilometres long line SGS will have.”

Replying to this, KRK said that there would be no queue for the movie. He went on to say that Pawan Kalyan looks like Rajpal Yadav and is the Ayushman Khuranna of Bollywood. KRK further said that even if someone sponsors the movie tickets and food, no one would bother to go and watch the film.

He also stated that he would run naked in both the Telugu speaking states if at least 10 people come to theatre to watch the movie. To which RGV responded by saying `be prepared to run naked’.

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