I Wish 2.0 Breaks The Collections Of Baahubali 2

The 3D Digital meet of Shankar’s 2.0 happened at a popular hotel in Chennai, where all the theatre owners have been present. This meet is to create an awareness among the exhibitors to make them understand the needs and upgradations required to project 2.0 in 3D version.

Popular distributor Tiruppur Subramaniam, who was also present at the event, spoke about the theatre shut down and double taxation issues. He told, “This is the first ever time, we are witnessing cinema theatres being closed continuously for the third day. There hasn’t been an increase in the theatre ticket price (entrance fee), for the past fifteen years. If the Government approves to increase the theatre ticket rates, we will make online ticketing completely accessible and we would sell the tickets with perfect break up of rates including GST and others.

We would sell the tickets at Government approved rates. As a true Tamilian, I wish 2.0 breaks the box office collections of Baahubali 2. I hope it happens.”

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