I won’t do that role again: Mohan Babu

mohanbabuIt would be definitely boring for any artist to play the same role again and again. Few artiste play those roles with perfection, whenever they are offered. For example, MR Narayana , LB Sri Ram, Taagubothu Ramesh are the best examples who have done similar roles in many films. Coming to Manchu Mohan Babu, its a quite different story. It looks like he got bored playing Yama role with second time itself.

For the first time, Mohan Babu has played the mythological character Lord Yama in Jr NTR’s ‘Yama Donga’. Convinced by Rajamouli’s belief that only the Manchu scion could do justice for the role, our senior hero cum producer never denied it. But after years, director SV Krishna Reddy too persuaded him similarly. And there comes Mohan Babu as Yama in Yama Leela 2. As Kaikala Satyanarayana who played Yama in Yamaleela has become too old to play that role now, in Yama Leela -2. Hence,krishna Reddy approached Mohan Babu.
Speaking on playing Yama roles, Mohan Babu spoke his hearts out with media the other day. “I’m against playing same role again and again. Perhaps this is the last time you’re seeing me as Yama. I’ll not play the role”, Guess its time for Tollywood film makers to find a brand new YAMA for the future needs.

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