I would faint if i get that chance: Nikhil

Nikhil Press Meet Photos (4)One must be wondering to know that how come an actor would say that he would faint if he gets any chance to act? But Young actor Nikhil said that he would first faint if at all he gets any chance to act beside a star hero.

Last night, Nikhil encouraged his fans to shoot any questions they wanted to, and a fan asked him ‘What will be your first reaction if you get a chance to act in a multi starrer with Pawan Kalyan’. Nikhil was surprised to listen to that question itself . Being an ardent fan of Powerstar, Nikhil was quite excited in his reply. The young actor said that at first, he will faint on being offered a film with Powerstar and that he would straight away accept the offer without even charging a penny.

That’s great isn’t it?

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