If It As An Act Of Vengeance, I Will Deal With It…Vishal

Yesterday, the 23rd of October, an IT raid happened at Vishal Film Factory at about 2PM. Sparking huge interest in the film fraternity and public alike, this issue was linked to Vishal criticizing BJP leader H Raja on account of his piracy in relation to Vijay’s Mersal.

Answering questions posed by the interviewers, Vishal stated, “I was in the shoot of Sandakozhi 2 when I was informed of this. It seems to be a TDS related issue.”

On whether this could have been a consequence of his political enemies, he said, “I do not know if it is one. I made a justified statement about H Raja having pirated the movie Mersal, as it is a crime. If it as an act of vengeance, I will deal with it.”

He also stated that he has been adhering to the taxing laws and that his hands are clean. Rather than concentrating on this issue, he pleaded to the press to look at the recent suicide by fire of a mother and her two children in a loan shark issue.

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