Ilayaraja’s legal notices to Shanker?

Shankar 'I' Telugu  Audio launch (44)This is quite shocking to music and movie lovers wondering what must have gone wrong between both these legendary technicians. As per the latest buzz, it is learnt that South India’s leading film-maker Shankar got into the bad books of none other than Maestro Ilayaraja. The issue is regarding the copy-rights of a popular song!

And we all know South Indian top director Shanker is not only directs but also produces the low budget movies on his S productions. His latest Tamil production ‘Kappal’ starring Vaibhav has hit the screens recently. In this flick, Ilayaraja’s chartbuster song ‘Ooru Veetu Ooru Vanthu’ from ‘Karakatakaran’ has been used without seeking prior permission from the composer.

Naturally that has hurt maestro and he decided to send legal notices to Shanker and demanded the compensation for using his song. He also warned ‘S Pictures’, the production house owned by Shankar, to either remove the song from ‘Kappal’ or facing legal action.

And in response to the legal notice served by Ilayaraja, S Pictures have clarified that they have acquired the rights of the song from the music company that has released “Karakatakaran” into market then. We have to wait and see how would Ilayaraja responds to this now.

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