Ileana copied her costume?

IleanaShe is a fashion Diva,they say in modern fashion world. She wore every costume that is released in the market. She keeps herself updated when it comes to fashion. Yes, its all about Ileana,who is known for wearing trendy attires all the time . But, can we expect her to copy some one’s dress,that too worn by another heroine a couple of years back?

Well, by looking at the above pic you can get an idea that both Sonal Chauhan and Ileana wore same costumes right? Fact is, Sonal wore that outfit on the occasion of an event that was held couple of years ago. And now recently on the eve of new year celebrations (2015) at California, Ileana too wore the same outfit and in result she landed in troubles now.Being a top league actress, Ileana’s copy act has become the hot topic among fashion circles.

Is this just a coincidence or an intentional act by this hour glass beauty?

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