Ileana’s clean plates story

??????????????????????????????????General public won’t get to know the other side of the film celebrities usually,until and unless those celebrities reveal about themselves. Here is one interesting thing that the hour glass beauty Ileana has let the world know about her.

Every time while travelling on an airplane, Ileana has this habit of eating lunch in plate, which we couldn’t identify post her lunch as if it is a new plate or already used one. ‘I feel like I’m the only person who sends an absolute clean plate back to stewards on flights, like as though I haven’t eaten in months’, she says, as she gets ready to touch ground in Jaipur to attend the final leg of promotions of her coming Friday’s release ‘Happy Ending’.

Never hesitate to invite this beauty from Goa to your place for lunch or dinner folks, as you never need to clean her plate. What say?

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