Interesting details of Trisha’s engagement

trisha_krishnan-wideAs both Trisha and Varun both squashed the rumours of Rolls Royce car gift by Varun to Trisha, now every one is eager to know what gifts they exchange on their engagement. Here are the few details about Tisha’s engagement. With just 3 more days to go for her engagement on Jan 23rd, dusky Chennai beauty Trisha reveals about her engagement ring and evening party gown. Tamil producer Varun Manian is said to be gifting her the ring, while she herself has brought a gown in Dubai for the party she is throwing for film industry big-shots.

And Trisha’s fiancée, Varun is gifting Trisha a Harry Winston diamond, 4.5 carat solitaire ring made in platinum, while Trisha purchased a costly gown in Dubai that was designed by Oscar de la Renta, the renowned fashion designer. And Trisha has brought a diamond ring for Varun from NAC Jewellers, the brand she endorses.

Costly couple…costly affairs. What say folks?

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