RGV- Huge budgets in today’s age is stupidity

rgvOne can say that Ram Gopal Varma is one of the technical genius in Indian cinema. Film after film, he reinvents himself and throws us a surprise with his unique concepts. Even with his latest film Ice Cream, Varma has introduced the flow cam technology, and has completed the film in no time. One the eve of the film’s release, we caught up with a jovial RGV for an exclusive interview. Let’s see what he has to say.

Q) Firstly, people did not know that a film like Ice Cream is even being made until the posters came out. Any particular reason behind this ?
I would always prefer to keep my films as a secret until the poster or trailer is out, but sadly some one associated with it breaks the news. I also feel that my film’s poster or trailer should speak for the movie rather than some irrelevant speculations.

Q) Why did you choose Tejaswi for the lead role ?
I saw Tejaswi for the first time in Mumbai. She was standing a little far away along with the Heart Attack heroine Adah Sharma. The film’s cameraman, Amol Rathod signed towards one of the girls, and told me that she is the heroine of Heart Attack. Some how my eyes registered towards Tejaswi, and I thought she was the heroine. Only later, Puri Jagan told me that Adah Sharma was the girl. There was something special about Tejaswi with her girl next door looks which attracted me. Then, when I saw her perform in Vishnu’s film, I immediately decided that she would be prefect for Ice Cream.

Q) Navdeep is one talented actor, who has never got his due. How did he perform in this film ?
It is difficult to talk about one’s performance, as this film is completely based on sound and technical aspects. An actor has to immediately adapt to such standards, and perform to his best ignoring the camera. Having said that, I have watched Navdeep in Chandamama and loved his performance. I like his voice, which I feel is very unique for a guy who looks like that.

Q) Tell us about the flow cam technology. How difficult was it for the actors to adapt to such technology ?
Even though, I have been trying new technology in my films, I have been getting a lot of flack. Say for example, Department had Rogue technology, which was a bit difficult for the actors. Here with flow cam, the camera captures the entire feel of the surroundings along with performance. Only way for the actors to perform, is that they should forget that there is a camera moving around them constantly.

Q) The so called nude scene is making so much news. Tell us about that ?
See, according to our Indian censor rules, you can never show a girl nude in films. Since the film had flow cam technology, the effect of the nude scene, and the way the camera moves makes the scenes really interesting. You will understand that scene only when you watch it on the screen.

Q) What happened with your film with Rajasekhar. Why has it been postponed ?
Some portions of the film were left over as Rajasekhar had to move to another film. I have completed shooting the film now, and as it requires huge CG work, it is still in the post production stages.

Q) Why is there a delay for Sarkaar 3 to go on floors ?
Initially, it was supposed to go on floors in August, but has now been pushed to November because of some pre-production formalities.

Q) Since you have some gap now, will you be making any film in the mean time ?
Yes ! I am contemplating on a Hindi film, which will be experimental once again. Its too early to talk about the star cast and the production house right now.

Q ) The movie is up for release this week, and if does not work, everyone will criticize you badly. Do you read reviews, and take feedback about your films ? Do all these criticisms even bother you ?
Laughs loudly ! I am used to the trashing now, and it has become a part of my life. As far as I am concerned, with this film, I am proud of the technology that I have introduced.

​​Q) In this age of ​big budgets and banners, how are ​you making so many films ?
Frankly, in this day and age of digital era, I feel that it is utter stupidity to talk about budgets. One has to really be smart and know how to use technology to make films.

Q) Finally, Why should we go watch Ice Cream ?
The movie has amazing sound, camera and technical affects. I have tried to capture the thought process of a girl who is alone in the house through interesting and innovative camera techniques, and feel that I have succeeded. Rest it is up to you guys to like it or not.
With that RGV ended his interview in his true bold and candid style.