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Hyper Movie Success Meet Photos,Hyper Movie Success Meet Pics, Hyper Movie Success Meet Stills,Hyper Movie Success Meet,Hyper Movie Success Meet ImagesEnergetic Star Ram starrer ‘Hyper’ released all over on Friday last week. Directed by Santhosh Srinvas and produced by ’14 Reels’ banner this Action, Family Entertainer opened with packed houses everywhere. ‘Hyper’ is getting very good response from all section of audience. Producers Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara shared their happiness with us.

What kind of response Hyper is getting?

The response is very good. The film is getting super hit report from all areas. Commercially also it is doing very well. Apart from youth and mass, family audience has taken to the film and government employees have connected big time to the film. Government employees are particularly asking us about shows. We are very pleased with that connect.

Is the Sathyaraj character getting highlighted helping in connection with family audience?

Hyper is basically a film that highlights the relationship between father and son. A father who has worked as government employee for 30 years without any allegations is about to retire in 30 days. His son wants to see him retire with the same stature without any allegations. This is a universally identifiable relation and that’s why the reception of the film is increasing with each passing day.

Did you think this story will receive this kind of applause?

When we first heard that story we wanted it to be dealt in a very realistic way. People have developed a preconceived notion about government officers. But in reality when an official is involved in allegations there are many circumstances and reasons behind it. We wanted to send out this realistic message with a touch of commercial elements. Since the story had strength we knew it would reach the audience eventually. As expected it is getting good applause.

How was the response in theater visits in Hyderabad city and rest of Telangana?

Its wonderful. We were happy to see all kind of audiences in cinemas. Initially a talk was spread based on the title that Hyper is a mass movie. but once the audience have seen the film they realize Hyper has a nice emotional content. It has led to more family audience watching the movie now. Since the Dushera holiday season is about to start we expect more from this segment. Even in the promos on TV’s we are targeting the families.

How is the response in overseas?

As we mentioned earlier, it has spread big way that Hyper is a mass movie. Therefore the star has been slow there but even there collections have picked up big way after people have come to know about the family emotions.

What is the feedback from distributors?

They are very happy. One or two shows are affected due to the rains but the rest of the shows are running with heavy crowd, according to their reports. Overall the distributors are really happy.

Tell us about director Santosh Srinivas?

The movie has released and it has got good talk, leaving that aside the movie was completed in four months. The shooting started on June 9 and it has released on September 30. Even though the time is less one never feels the film is rushed anywhere. This entire credit goes to the director. He has clarity and speed and this reduces all the tension on the sets. No scenes are dragged, there are many intercuts, there are action blocks and multiple locations have been used. In the recent past no big film with this much span has been completed in that time.

What’s your next project?

We are doing a film in the combination of Nithiin and Hanu Raghavapudi. Currently pre production work of the film is going on. 90 percent of the film happens on foreign shoes. It a romantic comedy and we have not yet decided where to shoot the film, in the US or European country side. Locations are being scouted as of now. Shooting will begin in the second half of November and it will be completed by April. Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara concluded the interview by telling that the movie is planned as a summer 2017 release.

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