Is Chaithu not confident of “Oka Laila Kosam”?

oka-laila-kosam-Canada-Telugu-Community-Pooja-Hegde-HotNow a days , excessive promotion has become must for any small or big hero film. Other wise, it may not reach to the targeted audience at any cost. Hence, lot of heroes and heroines create huge buzz by promoting their film prior its release. But surprisingly, Naga Chaitnaya is not doing so for his upcoming film “Oka Lailaa Kosam”. With hardly one week to spare for a grand release of his flick, Naga Chaitanya is not seen promoting the film. What could be wrong with him?
On the other side,  Ram Charan made sure that he will give special interviews and video-chat about film on ‘Hangouts’ such that Govindudu will draw huge crowds. Similarly, Raviteja too stepped-in into office of various TV channels for ‘Power’.
Naga Chaitanya should follow their footsteps to make sure “Oka Laila Kosam” gets proper promotion and reach public to register a big hit. Or else,he might have to see some bitter results for sure,says experts.

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