Is it getting worse between Chiru and PK?

naga-babu-chiru-415x250No one knows if those words by Chiru were said intentionally or just a casual perception but, Megastar’s comments on his mega-brother Nagababu are creating ripples in Tollywood at present. Chiru stated that Naga Babu would have been “Mega Star” had he made his acting debut prior to Chiranjeevi. This is seen as “overstatement” by many including Mega Fans. Apparently Chiru’s claim hasn’t gone well with several die-hard fans of the star as they’re unable to “digest” and even “think” anyone else in the position of “Mega Star”.

Although Chiranjeevi tried to say that Naga Babu is as “good” actor as Chiru is, Chiru excited a bit and made an out-of-proportion statement. One thing where Chiru has gone completely wrong is “actor” is different from a “star” and “Mega Star” is certainly a long long away from any “actor”. Be it dance moves, risky stunts, fights, flair for comedy or dialogue delivery, none can match Chiru feel fans and critics.

“Stardom is a crown bestowed by viewers and they have only crowned stars who have multiple talents. who can act well, dance brilliantly and indulge in risk-taking stunts and also have flair for comedy and Nagababu lacks many of these skills, except to justify few cameo roles in his career, so he never was a star material” an industry source shares. Right now, Nagababu is busy in TV serials and anchoring shows with reduced film assignments. May be, Chiranjeevi got carried away, by the moment, than stating a fact, it seem so.

Finally, if you can observe …there isn’t a word spoken about Pawan Kalyan, who is obviously a bigger star and fine actor than Nagababu. But Chiru never seem to have considered his younger brother by mistake even. Is it getting worse between both Chiranjeevi and Pawank Kalyan day by day?

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