Is she so desperate to get the attention?

Sneha UllalIf we look at the cat eyed girl, glamorous lady Sneha Ullal, one would say yes. Leading to biggest wardrobe malfunction of her career, Sneha Ullal attended a charity dinner at Hyderabad sporting a glamorous look in a laced dress which has let everyone see through .And her poor dressing sense made all the fashion buffs yell at her.

Unfortunately the dress has given clear view of Sneha’s black bra beneath it. Of course, the outfit also indicates that there is nothing like to cover between her inner wear and outer wear. But the fashion experts say that it was not any wardrobe malfunction but, its an intentional show off from Sneha Ullal. By the way ,is Sneha so desperate to grab the attention of film makers by such cheap acts? .

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