Is she the reason for Sidh-Sam’s rift?

Samantha at Hepatitis B Vaccination Camp (6)It is already learnt that the hottest pair of Kollywood, Siddardh and Samantha have reportedly parted their ways recently. Many of them thought there could be some ego clashes or misunderstandings behind Siddarth and Samanta’s break up. But as per the latest buzz in Kollywood, there is a speculation doing circles that a Kannada Actress is behind Siddardh and Samantha’s break up. And she happens to be Deepa Sannidhi. Check out the story.

Noted Kannada heroine Deepa Sannidhi is pairing with Siddharth for Tamil film ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ which was the remake of Kannada super hit Lucia.It is heard that a strong grapevine has emerged about Siddarth’s bonding with Deepa. Few say that Sam is angry on Siddarth because of his fling with Ragini Dwivedi.

The other day a popular English news paper reported that Siddharth’s growing proximity to Deepa Sannidhi not goes well with Sam. It quoted saying “Siddharth and Deepa have been spotted hanging out together quite a few times in the past. Siddharth was instrumental in her bagging the role, and the couple’s closeness could have caused the rift’’

We have already heard about Siddardh ‘s affair with Shruthi Hasan earlier . As per the grapevine, it is learnt that few close friends of Siddardh and Samantha are trying to patch up the things between them it seems. Let us if these friends can settle down the things between this sexiest couple ?

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